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One Piece Anime Confirms Egghead Arc Release Date With Trailer, Poster

With the conclusion of the Wano arc, the future of the One Piece anime is looking bright in a brand-new visual and trailer released today for the much-anticipated Egghead Arc.

The Egghead Arc is still ongoing in the manga, it has been a thrilling experience for the readers. The news of its adaptation into the anime series is bound to hype the entire fandom.


One Piece has confirmed the anime’s start date for the Egghead Arc! According to official sources, Egghead Island Arc first Episode will be release on January 7, 2024! This means fans will see a series of transitional episodes. The first of these, episode 1086, is scheduled for release next week.

These episodes will shift the spotlight to the alliance of Buggy, Mihawk, and Crocodile. Furthermore, these episodes will delve into the activities of the Revolutionary Army, particularly the fate of Sabo, after the murder of Cobra in the Reverie.

The new arc will officially begin with the first week of 2024. Egghead Arc is also the first major arc of the Final Saga of the One Piece series overall, so it’s quite a lot to be excited for! With big reveals coming soon, 2024 is going to be a big year for the anime.

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