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One Piece Chapter 1104 Full Summary

Full summary, thanks to Redon

One Piece Chapter 1104 is titled “Thank you, daddy.” On the cover page: Sanji is helping 2 rats with its marriage proposal in a restaurant.

The chapter starts where last one ended. Saturn is shocked when he sees that Kuma is still moving. It’s revealed that Saturn already pressed the self-destruct switch a few days after Revolutionary Army took Kuma’s body from Mary Geoise. So he can’t understand what’s happening now.

Vegapunk thinks to himself that there’s no scientific explaination for why Kuma can still move or how he knows Bonney was on Egghead Island.

Sanji, Franky and Atlas are shocked too when they see Kuma.

Just before Kuma’s punch reaches Saturn, Kuma remembers some parts of his life. Then, in a SUPER-EPIC double spread, Kuma punches Saturn. Kuma’s punch crushed Saturn’s face but Saturn is still conscious and looks angry at Kuma.

However, Saturn is sent flying across island by Kuma’s attack. Saturn collides with some buildings that fall, and Saturn gets flattened by them. All Marines are shocked to see that a slave punched a member of the Gorosei.

Vegapunk, Sanji, Franky and Atlas realize they can move again.

Sanji: “Are you OK, Bonney-chan!!?”

Vegapunk asks everyone to bring Bonney back to the Labo Phase, so they can escape. Vegapunk reveals that Kuma’s self-destruct switch doesn’t literally destroy Kuma’s body since Vegapunk knows it can be weaponized.

However, Vegapunk followed Saturns’ order by creating a mechanism that will switch off all of Kuma’s function. Kuma shouldn’t be able to move or take any order after the self-destruct switch is pressed.

Vegapunk: “Could it be that… the Buccaneer’s special ability is not superhuman strength…!! In the past, they have…”

Bonney thanks Kuma for everything she saw in Kuma’s memory. Kuma just hugs Bonney and then he stops moving. Marines can’t find Luffy anywhere, it seems Luffy disappeared.

We don’t see anything new in this chapter about Zoro, Lucci, the other Straw Hat crew members (regardless of Sanji and Franky) or the other Vegapunk’s clones (regardless of Vegapunk and Atlas).

Saturn emerges from the rubbles. He lost his right arm and his left horn due to buildings falling on him. Saturn’s body is heavily injured too.

However, Saturn uses his powers to recover very quickly. Some black flames appear to regenerate 100% his right arm and his left horn. Saturn asks Vegapunk how could this happen with Kuma.

Vegapunk: “Let’s just say it’s because of love!!”

Saturn tries to attack Kuma, but Sanji deflects Saturn’s attack.

Sanji: “You won’t hurt Bonney-chan again!!”

Vegapunk orders Atlas to carry up Kuma to the Labo Phase. Meanwhile, Franky uses his “Radical Beam” to attack Saturn.

Franky: “We owe Kuma a big favor!!”

“Radical Beam” pierces Saturn’s body, but Saturn recovers easily from Franky’s attack.

Suddenly, Kizaru appears and kicks Franky away. Vegapunk tells off Kizaru.

Vegapunk: “Your heart can’t withstand doing this much longer, isn’t it? What a sad man you are, Kizaru!!”

Kizaru replies Vegapunk with a quite sad expression (it seems he’s about to tear up).

Kizaru: “I should have brought a darker sunglasses…”

In the last page of the chapter, Saturn orders to start a Buster Call in Egghead Island. We can see all Marine ships preparing to start the attack.


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