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One Piece Chapter 1106 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1106 is titled: “Always be on your side”. On the cover page: Robin is dressing up a crocodile on a beach.

The chapter starts where last one ended. Vegapunk continues with his monologue from previous chapter (he was talking about the possibility of Bonney being killed by a Pacifista now that she’s a pirate).

Vegapunk feared about this, so he risked his life and put a secret program in all Pacifistas “based on Kuma”. He put Bonney on top of Pacifistas” “authority hierarchy”. She’s even above Five Elders’ authority.

Vegapunk: “Even if the whole world is your enemy, your father will never betray you!!”

Vegapunk asks Atlas to tell Bonney that she has the highest authority to control Pacifistas.

Bonney: “Daddy, stop! Help us to escape from here!!”

Thanks to Bonney’s voice, all Pacifistas turn on the Marines.

Saturn realizes what Vegapunk did and he immediately stabs Vegapunk with his leg. Then Saturn orders Kizaru to kill all of them.

Sanji and Franky try to stop Kizaru. Franky is pierced by Kizaru’s beam. Sanji blocks one of the beams, but he finally is pierced by Kizaru too. Then Kizaru goes for Bonney. Kizaru is about to kill Bonney but Luffy (using Gear 5) appears to stop him.

Kizaru is blown away by Luffy’s punch (he uses a normal Haki punch, not a new attack). Then Luffy turns ground to rubber saving everyone who are falling down. Saturn stares at Luffy in silent.

After that, we see that Kizaru is sitting on ground. He’s holding his head after being punched by Luffy (seems he’s fine). Bonney rushes to help Vegapunk and he reveals Bonney that Luffy is Nika.

In an AMAZING double page we see Bonney crying and looking at the sky, where Luffy is doing “Nika’s pose” (the same that appears in Volume 103 cover).

Vegapunk: “So you haven’t realized. But I also wouldn’t have believe it before witnessing it with my own eyes. That “Straw Hat Luffy” that had Kuma’s attention, turns out to be “The Sun God Nika” himself…!!”

Bonney: “What…”

Vegapunk: “Kuma was right…!! “Buster Call”? What good will that do? There are people in this world who have waited centuries for him!!!”

We also see that Ancient Robot starts moving a little with Luffy’s heartbeat.

Cut to the northeast coast of Egghead Island. Marines report that an unbelievably large ship is approaching to the island.

Marine: “It’s them!! No doubt about it! But I thought they disbanded 100 years ago…”

Large ship: “Should we stop!?

No!! Break through!!!”

In the EPIC final double page of the chapter, we can see the “Giant Warrior Pirates” ship destroying all Marine battleships in the northeast coast.

Marines: “Fire! Damn it!! Why are the “Giant Warrior Pirates” here!!?”

The 2 giants that lead “Giant Warrior Pirates” attack are Dorry and Brogy!

Brogy: “Look at them, Dorry!! They are asking why we are here!!”

Dorry: “What a stupid question!! There’s no coincidence in this world! Right, Brogy!”

Marines: “We have an emergency!! The “Giant Warrior Pirates” have showed up!!!”

Brogy: “Gahahaha!! We’re here for you “Straw Hat”!!”

Dorry: “Gyagyagyagya!!! “The Sun God”!!!”

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