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One Piece Chapter 1109 Full Summary

One Piece chapter 1109 full summary spoilers were released today, so we will share them with you in this post.

One Piece Chapter 1109 is titled “Obstruction”. On the cover page, we see Onigashima sinking under the sea towards ancient Wanokuni.

The chapter starts where last one ended. It’s confirmed that this message was recorded sometime long ago in the past, as Vegapunk Shaka and the other Satellites can also be seen in the recording. Vegapunk broadcast signal makes that Marine’s Den Den Mushi all over the world broadcast his message, and no one can turn them off.

Shaka suggested that people around the world would need some time to prepare their screens and Visual Den Den Mushi. So Vegapunk tells people of the world that he will wait for 10 minutes so everyone can prepare their screens and Visual Den Den Mushi. In other words, it seems that the Marines and World Government now have a 10-minute window to prevent any information whatsoever from leaking.

Usopp and Nami group are seeing Vegapunk’s message. They are confused about what Vegapunk is doing. It’s also specified that there’s no news on Zoro, Jinbe, or Brook in this chapter. The chapter then cut to Luffy, who is still grabbing Saturn’s head and Admiral Kizaru.

The chapter then claims that the 4 members of the Gorosei in Mary Geoise are talking to Saturn. It seems they use some kind of telepathy (probably related with their powers).

Gorosei: “Is Vegapunk really dead?”

Saturn: “I think so… I saw how Kizaru killed him.”

Gorosei: “Then he must have used his death to trigger that broadcast… And probably, the source of the signal is in Egghead’s Labophase.”

The chapter then shows us the reactions and preparations of people all over the world to Vegapunk’s signal.

In Dressrosa, we see Rebecca, Leo, Kyros and other people preparing the screens.

Leo: “Is that the doctor whom Luffyland is holding hostage?”

Rebecca: “Don’t believe those news that tries to make Lucy looks evil, Leo!!”

In Foosha Village, Woop Slap says they haven’t a projector in the village, so they will just hear Vegapunk’s voice.

In World Economy News Paper’s headquarters, Vivi is confused about where Luffy is in the recording. Morgans says the broadcast must be pre-recorded (Wapol is there with them too).

It’s night time in Water Seven. Iceburg wakes up and tells his genius secretary Alice (7)-FI in japanese, with an italian pronunciation (Aliche)) to prepare some screens to broadcast Vegapunk’s message.

Alice: “I’ve already prepared screens all over the city, president Iceburg!!”

In Kamabakka Queendom, Ivankov is surprised to see Vegapunk’s new head. Dragon is thinking about the moment Shaka told him that he was about to die.

We can see too more people’s reactions in other random islands.

The chapter then returns to the scene of Egghead Island. Luffy wonders why there’s no damage to Saturn, so he decides to use another strategy.

Kizaru shoots a laser beam from his eyes but Luffy dodges it. Then Luffy slaps Kizaru and Saturn together with his giant hands, using a very strong attack called “Gomu Gomu no Dawn Cymbal” (White Cymbal – EU) and turning them in a kind of flat paper (they also have stars going around in circles in their heads).

Luffy grabs squashed Kizaru and Saturn and throws both of them to the sea. Kizaru hits a battleship and we see him lying down panting in the ship. However, Saturn flies back like a boomerang and attacks Luffy with his legs (Saturn is using a technique similar to Luffy’s “Gomu Gomu no UFO”).

Luffy dodges the attack. He’s angry when he sees Saturn is uninjured.

Luffy: “What!! Why isn’t he taking any damages after all I did!?”

The 4 members of the Gorosei make contact with Saturn again.

Gorosei: “Saturn, there is no time! We cannot allow Vegapunk to talk!!”

Saturn: “I know. Then I shall call you all!!”

Black lightnings appear in Egghead Island. Marines that are seeing what’s happening from battleships are in shock. In the EPIC final double page of the chapter, Saturn touches the ground and 4 giant magic circles appear around him. Huge black flames come up from magic circles.

Luffy is in shock, with his eyes popping out of their sockets.

Luffy: “What are those!!?”

Sanji (carrying Vegapunk) observes in shock the black flames that appear where Luffy is fighting.

Sanji: “Those things… Were there back when the spider gramp appeared too!!”

Editor’s message: “The “stars” are assembling!!”

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