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One Piece Chapter 1110 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1110 is titled “Falling Stars”. On the cover page, we see Yamato’s visiting temples journey: “I will travel Wanokuni like Oden did!!”. We can see Yamato and Momonosuke looking over Wanokuni in the Flower Capital castle.

The chapter starts with reactions of some characters (like Vice Admiral Bluegrass, Bonney, Franky, or Atlas) when they see the black lightning. Giants and Pacifistas continue destroying Marine ships.

In Mary Geoise, Five Elders’ room is now empty. There is only a huge burning magical circle on the floor, in front of Five Elders seats.

7 minutes left until Vegapunk’s message to the world. We can see Vegapunk sipping a Vega-coffee in the screens.

4 huge shadows emerge from the magic circles that appeared around Saturn. Luffy is in shock

Luffy: “There are 5 monsters now!!!”

In an EPIC full double page, we can see all members of the Five Elders in front of Luffy.

All Five Elders are using their beast-awakened forms, with the dark flaming smoke around their necks. We can see their official english names and what beast/yokai is each one of them (not Akuma no Mi names, only beast/yokai names).

– Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is a “Gyuki”.

– Saint Marcus Mars is an “ltsumade”, a massive eerie bird (looks like the Pokemon”Archeops” but more frightening).

– Saint Topman Warcury is a “Houki”, a giant boar with 4 tusks.

– Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro is a “Bakotsu”, a skeleton horse.

– Saint Shepherd Ju Peter is a “Sandworm”, a massive worm monster.

Nusjuro uses his power to see where is one of the Pacifistas. Then he runs towards it. He turns into his hybrid form, he looks like a centaur. The lower part of his body is still a skeleton horse, but his neck and head are now the top of Nusjuro’s human body (he can use his sword with his 2 arms).

Nusjuro runs around Egghead Island defeating the Pacifistas. He uses frozen slashes that freeze the circuits inside the Pacifistas to immobilize them. Within seconds, half of the Pacifistas on Egghead Island are defeated.

Mars flies up and attacks “Labophase” leaping on the barrier, but the barrier still holds. While Luffy is fighting against Saturn, Ju Peter (the Sandworm) dives down into the ground.

Usopp stopped the Thousand Sunny by creating a bamboo barrier thanks to his technique “Green Star: Bamboo Javelin.” Sanji calls everyone via Den Den Mushi, telling them they must escape right now and not wait for he and Luffy. Jinbe arrives to the place where Zoro and Lucci are fighting. We can see that one of Zoro’s sword is spinning in the air due to one of Lucci’s attacks.

Jinbe: “Sanji, Zoro is still fighting against that guy!!”

Sanji: “The marimo hasn’t ended it yet!? What a “burden”.”

Zoro hears what Sanji said about him, he looks very upset. Lucci attacks Zoro with a new technique called “Shugan: Madara” (Hand Pistol Spots). Zoro dodges the attack while he grabs the sword that was spinning in the air. Then he attacks Lucci with a new technique called “Santouryuu – Kokoba: Madaragari” (3 Sword Style – Huhuva Hell: Stripe Hunt).

Zoro lands an attack on Lucci instantly with one attack in an AMAZING double page (we can see black lightning around Zoro).

Back to Luffy Vs. Five Elders

Ju Peter emerges suddenly under Luffy and swallows him. But Dorry and Brogy arrive at the same time.

Dorry and Brogy: “What is happening here? You are not fit to be in a dark place! “Taiyou Noko”!!!”

In the final double page of the chapter, Dorry and Berogy cut Ju Peter’s head with a new attack called “Taiyou Noko”(“Sun Saw/Solar Saw”).That way they free Luffy (it’s almost the same scene from Little Garden, when Dorry saves Luffy cutting dinosaur’s head).

Luffy: “I’m free!! Eeeh!? The Giants-ossan!!!”

Brogy: “Gahahaha!! Long time no see Straw Hat!!”

Dorry: “We couldn’t wait for you, so we come to pick you up!! Gyagyagyagya!!”

End of the Chapter.

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