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One Piece Chapter 1117 Full Summary

One Piece Chapter 1117 is titled, “Mo” (in Japanese, chapter title will be explained at the end of the summary).

On the cover page: Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage, Vol. 7: “Yamato pays Nekomamushi and Hyougorou a visit in the Flower Capital”.

The chapter starts where last one ended, we can see more reactions about Vegapunk’s words all over the world.

In Hachinosu (the Pirate Island), we see some pirates wanting to go search for treasures under the sea.

Three of those pirates in Hachinosu are Krieg, Gin and Pearl. Krieg and Gin are walking among the other pirates in the background of the panel, Pearl is with the group that want to go search for treasures under the sea. Krieg has now long hair and he’s wearing part of his armor (we can see his shoulder-plates with his Jolly Roger).

Cut to Mont Blanc Cricket and the Saruyama Alliance, they are in their ship getting ready to dive and find more romance undersea.

Cut to a Marine Hospital where SWORD members are resting. They are injured but don’t look bad. Koby is on the bed but he’s conscious.

Drake has returned from Wanokuni too. Kujaku says he asked to be left alone so he’s currently healing in private room.

Prince Grus says Vegapunk message will lead to some very troubling conclusions. Kujaku replies him.

Kujaku: “It’s our time to act now!!”

Cut to Smoker, he’s riding his “Billower Bike” on the sea. Smoker asks Tashigi (via Den Den Mushi) where she is, Tashigi replies she’s at the Marine Hospital.

Vegapunk message continues. Vegapunk says he’s arriving at final part of his message, since if he says anything more, it will be just “theories”.

Frontier Dome barrier is shut down, so Nami’s group is ready to set sail. Jinbe and Zoro arrives, but suddenly Nusjuro runs ahead of them and he is about to slash the Thousand Sunny.

Jinbe throws Zoro using a new technique called “Fish-Man Juujutsu: Kata Guruma” (: – Shoulder Wheel) and Zoro uses his attack “Nittouryuu: Rashomon” to block Nusjuro’s attack.

Zoro uses “Sandai Kitetsu” and “Enma” swords to block Nusjuro, black lightnings and fire appear when their swords clash. But Zoro notice something when he sees Nusjuro’s sword.

Zoro: “Eh!? “Kitetsu”!!?”

Zoro and Nusjuro are blown back by the impact. Jinbe grabs Zoro as Zoro shouts Nami’s group to take the Thousand Sunny off.

Zoro: “Jinbe and me will jump on the ship later!!”

Cut to Elbaf’s ship, we see many new giants fighting against Marines. Vice Admirals arrive to fight. Bluegrass blows a hole in Elbaf’s ship with “Sea Beast Weapon” beam. Doll takes down Kashii using an attack called “Rock & Roll Blaster”.

Luffy (back in normal form), Dorry, and Brogy are near the shore, so they shout to Elbaf’s ship to take off. Luffy wonders where Warcury is gone because he stopped chasing them.

Saturn, Mars, Ju Peter, and Warcury are now surrounding the Ancient Giant Robot. Gorousei realizes it’s the robot that attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago.

Vegapunk message continues as Gorousei leaps on the Ancient Giant Robot.

Vegapunk: “Finally, I would like to leave a message to those around the world with “D” in their names…”

Warcury: “Why you…!!!” When Vegapunk says that sentence, we can see some characters with “D” in their names or connected with them.

Monkey D. Dragon: “…!!”
Sabo: “Ace…!! Luffy.”
Koby: “Luffy-san. Vice Admiral Garp…!!”
Marshall D. Teach: “Hm?”
Bepo: “Captain…”
Vegapunk: “Among you guys, there is mo*… Buzz, buzz!!”

*Translator’s note: “Mo” (₺) is the last japanese character that appears before Vegapunk’s message is cut off. And that character is the same that appears in chapter title.

Suddenly, the Ancient Giant Robot is blown into the air by Warcury’s attack and then it falls to the ground. Little parts of the robot are damaged, but it is still in one piece.

Warcury: “Stop it already, Vegapunk…!!!”

Vegapunk’s signal suddenly disappears, people around the world are shocked. Vivi and Morgans are in shock too.

People: “Uwahhh!! It got cut off!!”

Vivi: “What was he trying to say!? “D”!? Is something hindering the reception!?”

In the final panel of the chapter, York falls on her knees…

York: “Huff… Huff… It’s stopped…!!”

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