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One Piece Chapter 1120 Spoilers | Atlas

One Piece chapter 1120 is just around the corner, and fans are incredibly excited for the Egghead Island Arc to continue. In the previous chapter, it appeared that even the powerful Gorosei could be vulnerable in their Yokai forms, raising hope among fans that Luffy will achieve a significant breakthrough before the arc concludes.

Fortunately, the trusted leaker Pew (@pewpiece) has already dropped some initial One Piece Chapter 1120 spoilers, so dive in for more details!

According to the early spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1120 is titled “Atlas”. The chapter will feature a cover story with Denjirou, who is seen catching the children who threw rocks at Yamato in the previous chapter.

The chapter begins with a flashback to Punk Hazard, where we see a younger Vegapunk and Professor Clover. The two are to be engaged in a deep conversation about the mysterious ‘D.’ Clover reveals to Vegapunk that he bears the initial ‘D.’ as well. Their discussion likely hints at the profound significance of the D. Clan and their connection to the Void Century.

Back in the present, Atlas arrives at the Thousand Sunny, and knocks out Vegapunk Lilith. She does this so York is unable to track her, then confronts Nusjuro in order to let the Thousand Sunny escape. She does this by grabbing Nusjuro and flying away with her jetpack, detonating herself in order to buy the Straw Hats the time they need to get away with Lilith in tow.

Meanwhile, chaos will erupt as the other Elders attack the Ancient Robot Emeth in an attempt to stop the broadcast. In the ensuing battle, one of Emeth’s arms will be destroyed. At this point, the Ancient Robot will cryptically state the words “that it’s the right time,” and that he will now use “it”. However, the spoilers do not mention what the Emeth is referring to.

As the One Piece Chapter 1120 spoilers reach its end, Vegapunk’s broadcast will continue and eventually drop a bombshell: Gol D. Roger and his crew were the only ones who truly understood the history of the world.

This truth will send shockwaves through the characters and fans alike, as it is related to Roger’s journey and the One Piece itself. Fans can also expect to see numerous people in the world surprised by the mention of Roger’s ‘D.’ initial, making it clear how few were left unaware of this critical detail.

The One Piece Chapter 1120 spoilers conclude with the information that there will be no break after the release and that the manga will be featured on the cover of Shonen Jump as well as include a color spread in celebration of its 27 anniversary.

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