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One Piece | Lilith might be the only surviving Vegapunk

Lilith, also designated as Punk-02, is one of six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of “evil”. I have a feeling that Lilith might end up being the only surviving Vegapunk, and the feeling comes from the way she was introduced, and also some crumbs from the latest chapters…

York: There is no way she will become a celestial dragon, the Gorosei will either send her to hell or keep her as a slave so they can access Punk Records using her.

Atlas: Although she was already on board the giants ship and should be escaping, but she wanted to go back and check on the others… sounds like a death flag to me.

Which ultimately makes me feel that Lilith will be the only Vegapunk ending up surviving, and the way she was introduced kinda “foreshadowing” that she will end up being the “Vegapunk”. Oda specifically chose to introduce Lilith first because she’s the most important.

You might also expect the Fandom will make Bonney and Lilith the new “Carrot and Yamato”… Brace yourself for another “who will be the 11th Strawhat” drama.

Well, I think she is the most pirate like Vegapunk. That’s the reason she might live and even join the crew. I feel like she will help Franky become stronger with her help. At least he will have one more upgrade through her.

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