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One Piece | The Devil Fruits Are The Buccaneers Souls

Buccaneers are a nearly-extinct special race of humanoids taller than average humans but smaller than giants. The Buccaneer race was first revealed to the fans during the Egghead Island arc. Specifically, it was Saint Saturn of the Gorosei who mentioned the name of this race.

In Chapter 1104 of One Piece, Vegapunk hints the Buccaneers could possess another ability other than their physical strength. We know that Vegapunk essentially installed a kill switch into cyborg Kuma that functions as a “self destruct feature” and that, for whatever reason, it failed to stop him. This is presumably due to his Buccaneer blood, given Vegapunk’s comment.

I have a theory on what Vegapunk was going to say in Chapter 1104 that sounds crazy but the more I think about it the more it makes sense, and it could be a big reveal! I think Vegapunk was going to say that the Buccaneer people became the devil fruits or that the devil fruits are the Buccaneers souls.

I think that the story of Kuma’s soul overcoming science and logic will be a reflection on how the Buccaneers of the past, knowing they we going to be defeated by the World government, became the devil fruits so their souls would live on to fight against the World government. The wills within the devil fruits are the wills of the Buccaneer people.

In Chapter 1069, Vegapunk says “each devil fruit embodies a different wish someone had for our evolution.” I believe the Buccaneers are the one’s making these wishes. Luffy’s devil fruit avoiding the World government is an example of this.

Dreams are a major theme in the story. The Buccaneer people did not have the powers of the devil fruits, the unique powers came from the Buccaneer people dreaming of the powers they wish they had to fight against the World government.

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