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Stussy Will Tell The World What Happened in Egghead

Stussy is MADS’ first-ever successful clone, having been modeled after Miss Buckingham Stussy. She is a spy in the employ of Dr. Vegapunk and spent years working deeply undercover in the World Government until she was forced to discard her cover.

In the Big Mom arc, we are introduced to Stussy as the “Queen of the Pleasure District,” a role she clearly used as a front to gather information while operating as a CP0 agent. It appears that Stussy and Big News Morgans have exchanged information in the past, as evidenced by their interactions.

Fast forward to Egghead island arc, we learned that, she is actually a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy and an extremely loyal spy and ally of Vegapunk. She even volunteered to lower the barrier despite facing certain death so the Strawhats can escape.

Despite having no reason to live for because of Vegapunk’s death she was persuaded by Edison to find a reason to live because lowering the barrier has no value since the Gorosei can ignore it anyway.

Now, with the outside world unaware of what truly happened on Egghead Island—possibly believing Luffy is responsible for Vegapunk’s death. She is likely to contact Big News Morgans and reveal what happened in Egghead. This would potentially clear the Straw Hats of any false accusations and ensure that the World Government’s actions and defeat are exposed to the world.

And of course, this will only work IF Big News Morgans finds the news interesting enough to not twist it.

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